We designed the arm covers with changing weather in mind. Our Thirteen lycra arm covers will protect you from the cold when the air is a bit chilly or on the fast descent after a hot climb.
The Thirteen arm covers also offer excellent protection from the sun on a hot ride.
In the event of a crash our Thirteen arm arm covers protect your skin from road rash.
Silicon grippers prevent the arm covers from unwanted slippage.
Our Thirteen arm covers are lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking and they fit easily in the pocket of your jersey.
The 13 printed near the cuff add another dimension to the functionality.  

Arm warmers "Powertrip"

  • Our products are a culmination of years of expertise of riding and product development of former World Champion of World Master Cycling Federation Daniel Chądzyński.

    Continuous testing and feedback from his pro cyclist friends and all the cycling teams and cycle clubs using the products in all kinds of weather conditions create input to the designers when creating every panel of the final product. Materials from top quality producers are used throughout the entire line. Each and every panel of the products is designed and fitted separately for each size. Every seam is carefully examined and checked before packaging.


    Made in Europe

    Our products are created to meet the highest demands of pro racing and amateur cycling. All our products are manufactured with high-tech production technologies in Europe from highest quality European fabrics